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Creative Ideas to Sketch an Outstanding Opinion Essay


Writing an opinion essay is much easier than composing an argumentative or persuasive essay. It is because you are not required to consider other positions, gather and state the evidence for convincing, or compare the benefits and disadvantages "essay writer". But does that make your worry because you might be afraid to take a position? If that is the case then just make sure that your argument is logical and based on different researches. There are many topics which have an equal number of benefits and disadvantages. If you have got an opinion essay to write and need some help then read this blog. It contains many creative ideas that can help you compose an outstanding opinion essay.



Creative Ideas


Now let us go through all the topics one by one. You will not only learn what to avoid but also better alternates.


  • Choose a recent topic but avoid any sensitive topic which may seem inappropriate or offensive to others. If you take more interest in politics, sociology, or law then it will be much easier for you to pick a topic.
  • Before you start composing the essay, you must understand all the aspects of the essay. Many students do not research the topic well before forming an opinion. Due to this, they have to either change their opinion later or compromise their grades. So take a little time and conduct research even if you are familiar with the topic. You might even find new surprising facts to support your opinion. 
  • There is a standard structure for the opinion essay like any other formal essay type. This is why you must follow it. Start with the introduction, offer your opinion and supporting evidence, and then end with a conclusion.
  • You can use the basic expressions for stating your opinion. These expressions include ‘In my view’, ‘As far as I am concerned’, ‘I am inclined to believe that’, ‘I definitely feel or think that’, and more. These phrases will highlight your opinion and let the reader know. If you randomly include the opinion, the reader might not even know it.
  • Introduce the topic you have chosen in clear words. You do not need to include any facts or phrases which are not relevant to your topic. You must remember to keep the essay formal because many students think that writing their own opinion makes the essay informal. This is why you should also avoid using slang and contraction.
  • Follow a proper logical sequence throughout the essay and use the transition words to create the flow. This will make the reader understand why you took a specific stance. With the transition words, there will be a coherency in the essay.
  • When writing the opinion essay, you should use generalization so that your essay does not target any specific entity. However, you must not overgeneralize the point that the reader is lost understanding what you intended to tell.
  • You should use the third person when stating the facts and first-person when introducing your opinion. But you must avoid using the second person in the essay. 
  • You can state the action one should take in order to resolve the issue which has been discussed. This is a good approach to providing a call to action that strengthens the essay. But at this time, you must remember not to use the imperative voice. This is because of two reasons. First, using the imperative voice is an informal way of writing. Secondly, the reader may or may not agree with your opinion, and using the imperative voice can be offensive.
  • You must offer as much reasoning and arguments as you can to the reader. However, if you have only a few facts of similar natures then it is better to use them as a single argument. Instead of repeating the same argument and focusing on the quantity, you can improve the quality of your argument.
  • It is very much possible that you are passionate about your opinion and even use string language to express if challenged. But here remember that this is a formal essay and you must respect the writing ethics. 
  • If you have chosen a controversial topic, you should still acknowledge the popular argument even if it is contradicting. You can take this chance to strengthen your opinion by telling the audience how the popular argument is not valid.
  • Avoid using any personal experiences for supporting your opinion. This may be the case with you but this does not mean you can generalize it. If I were to write my essay, I would only pick credible sources for the essay.
  • For the reason that this is an opinion essay, you are not required to use the evidence as much as you need to do in the argumentative essay. However, you should include the sources when you are using the statistics. Also, cite all the sources which you use in a proper format.


With all these tips here, you can now start composing your own opinion essay. Be sure to pick a topic that is interesting enough to have a formal debate on. Follow the above-given tips to get the best grade on your essay "essay writing service". In case, you feel like your opinion is not strong enough, you should do a little more research and use evidence to support it. But do not double-check the facts just to prove your point. After you have composed the essay, do not forget to proofread your document. Even small grammatical or syntax errors can ruin the impression of your essay. 

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